This absolutely stunning gown from my design Jorge is so exquisite.

My design jorge

Jorge is known for making gowns that are fit for fairytales and this is no different.

I love this dress and think it would be perfect for all little princesses.

As always the work has been done to the top quality and using the dainty fabrics.

My design jorge

This overal affect is completed by the headband which I believe is just perfect.

The outfits Jorge makes are so varied and so much fun that it is so hard to ever pick a favourite.

But this gown is one I love.

For me personally I love the classic, classy elegant look.

On the whole for me I tend to stay away from themed things most of the time.

But the elegant gowns, those I adore.

So great job Jorge. This dress is a dream.

Princesses eat your heart out.

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