We all love the Rose Doll Show right?

So then why are people now making it just another place to try and insert mistrust of one another.

Rose doll show

Isn’t there enough of that going on everywhere else?

Rose is a special place, one where it should only be about family and respect for each other.

So what is with all these chargebacks recently?

Do people not realise that it is only going to make sellers a little nervous of each baby they now sell.

Rose doll show

In Rose the joy and happiness of everyone there is apparent.

So why would people want to mess with that?

I have always thought that a Rose Doll was special.

Made even more so by all the memories that the buyer has connected with the baby.

It is so sad when it comes to this now.

Lets keep Rose a safe place, one with trust and respect.

Rose doll show

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