The Kansas Doll Show 2022 will be so much fun. At lot of that is due to the vendors going.

Kansas doll show 2019

And Laurie Duncan adds so much to that.

With a love for life and laughter that shines through on her creations you will not be able to help but fall in love with at least one of her babies.

Kansas doll show 2019

Laurie is one of those people that bring happiness to others.

This will not be her first show, but the excitement she has for each show you would think it was.

Kansas Doll Show 2019

Laurie is as much in love with her art now as she ever was.

And she continues to grow within the community.

Kansas doll show 2019

You will find Laurie and all her stunning babies at booth 6.

Make sure you stop by to say hi.

Kansas doll show 2019

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