The reborn community seems to be growing bigger each time I stop to look.


With so many people joining the community is there enough supply to meet demand?

In short in my opinion the answer is yes.

The product range within reborns is so wide and the price range is so varied that there is space for everyones needs.

Well as long as we all play nice of course.

The two spectrums of the reborns available are far apart with some reborns being able to be purchased for £100 or under.


While the other end of that scale has reborns available for £1000-£2000+.

With the growing numbers of members, we also have new reborn artists coming through all the time and new kits always coming out.

We ever increasing pressure to have the new ‘it’ sculpt is it any wonder that there is increasing competition within the reborning world.

It shouldn’t matter if you have only one baby who you have had for many years, or if you have just purchased the newest kit out.

What matters I feel is each persons personal experience with that baby and the bond they develop.

Now to many that sounds crazy.

But if you know what I mean then you will get it .

So don’t worry if someone says you don’t really belong in this community, the fact is you know you do.

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