The Annalia by Angela Degner sculpt is waiting to come home to you.

Annalia by Angela Degner

Sculpted by the talented Angela Degner, Annalia would be a very welcome addition to any collection.

Once completed a baby from this kit would measure 19 inches in length.

What a perfect newborn size!

This baby has amazing full limbs, which I really love on a reborn baby.

Full limbs are by far my personal preferred option.

As this little princess is a sleeping baby her eyes are closed, which means you will not need to purchase any eyes.

Annalia by Angela Degner

The soft cloth body is included in this kit so you do not need to pay any extra to get one.

Isn’t that a bonus.

If you purchase this kit you are pre-ordering the BLANK VINYL KIT of Annalia by Angela Degner.

Kits have an estimated release date of April 2022.

If you are reading it after that time then the kit should be available to purchase at full price immediately.

Annalia by Angela Degner

Pre-order price for this kit is $30.

Full price for this kit is. $89.99.

This is a blank vinyl kit only, not a completed baby.

Pics represent what the baby could look like.

Annalia by Angela Degner

If you love this baby and can’t wait to buy your own, then head over to Truborns using the link below.

Buy your Annalia kit here at Truborns

If this sculpt isn’t for you, don’t give up.

Use the link below to see all the other reborn babies available.

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