The Addie by Maisa Said sculpt is available.

She is so sweet. The little face is filled with expression.

Addie by Maisa Said

The full price for this kit is currently $74.95.

A completed baby made from this kit it will measure an adorable 14.5 – 15 inches.

Making this baby a micro preemie.

The head circumference of this sculpt is 10.25 inches, which looks so cute when held in one hand.

The limbs for this kit surprised me as both arms and legs are full.

This makes Addie by Maisa Said so adorable.

Tiny but perfect.

Addie by maisa said

As Addie is a sleeping scuplt it is not neccessary to purchase any eyes.

The cloth body needed for this kit, which makes her very cuddly, is in fact included in the price of this kit.

If you do like this kit then finding one may not however be that easy.

The Addie sculpt is in fact limited edition, with only 300 produced.

Addie by Maise said

COA for this kit is numbered and signed by the artist.

This kit has been produced using Light, neutral vinyl.

Addie by maisa said

If you like this kit and want to find your own, first try Macphersoncrafts using the link provided below.

Buy your Addie here.

Addie by maisa said

Not the kit for you?

Check out other sculpts available using the link below.

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