I love the artists I find, but it is so exciting when you find a new one.

Receiving your first baby from them can be both exciting and nervous.

You see their previous work and you hope that your baby is everything you want it to be.

If it is a custom baby then you would have taken time to decide exactly how you would want your new baby to look.

The choices you make are actually quite big decisions.

So when you have choosen your dream baby and told your artist how you want the baby to look you then have to wait.

The wait can seem so long and each day you get more and more nervous and excited.

You long to see pictures of how your little one is coming along and when you do get the pictures all you want to do is cuddle them.

Then comes the big day, your box arrives and all that is left to do is open it.

The artist has at that point done all they can, now all that is left is for you to fall in love with your baby.

A good artist will make the bond happen very quickly.

Presentation plays a part in this, if your baby is presented sweetly looking really cute you are more likely to fall in love instantly.

I think that a reborn artist is a very talented thing and not only is each baby they make unique but it can affect their customers lives.

To build up a good relationship with a reborn artist is great, together you will work out what you like in a baby and continue to grow your collection with someone that you trust to care for your babies as much as you do.

Reborn artists are not just there for business, they also become friends.

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