We recently welcomed into our home a new child doll, made from Masterpiece Galleries.

We named her Harper.

We had recently purchased some new clothes for her so decided to spend some time getting to know her.


After spending a good first night, she woke up in a good mood and ready for the day.

We watched cartoons and read a book.

We also looked at the snow outside and agreed to go out to play.

After sharing lunch with Aurora

We went down to get Harper ready to go out.

While in the nursery Harper wanted to say hello to all the babies, her new brothers and sisters.

We then put Harpers coat on and we think she looks really cute.

Harpers coat actually matches Suzys coat which I think is really sweet .

She loved playing in the snow and next time we plan to take photos so you can see.

When we came back in we warmed up and then spent a little time with the cats.

Its fun finding out about new babies when they come to the nursery.

I think we will be able to do many videos with Harper and have lots of fun with her.



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