With temperatures dropping to minus 20 it is time to get my full body vinyl baby dressed warm.

Full Body Vinyl

For those of you that do not know my babies so well my full body vinyl one is Kia.

I have had Kia for about three years now I think and she was one of the first babies that I ever brought.

Full Body Vinyl

I have never bonded completely with her and am happy that she has been gifted by me to a new mummy who is being so patient and waiting for me to be able to ship her out.

Full Body Vinyl

But until that time I decided that it would be good to have her for you all to enjoy and share.

So I decided to put her in a soft pink fleece sleeper.


She ended up looking so pretty in the sleeper.

i still need to deal with her hair as that is always an issue.

Full Body Vinyl

I am thinking maybe a hairband, what do you think?

Full Body Vinyl

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