As well as all the fabulous babies that were for sale at the Rose Doll Show 2022 there was also so much more to offer

This came in the form of all the games.

It isn’t often that most of us get a chance to meet up and just let our hair down.

Rose doll show

It is a great opportunity to release our inner child and have fun without worrying how silly we may look.

When you go to an event at the Rose show that is outside of just the floor shows it gives you the chance to do just that.

If you want to attend dressed up no one will say anything.

You are in a safe zone where you can just be who you want to be without being judged for it.

With Rose Doll Show 2022 set to be even bigger you can only imagine how much more fun there will be to have at the show.

When you think about the Rose you do not think about having to find things to do.

On the contrary there are often times when you have to stop to catch your breathe.

There is always something going on.

During the floor shows as well as outside these times.

No matter where you go during your stay at the show there are meet ups going on and other enjoyable things going on.

Even if it is just sitting in the lobby for a snack and drinks with a new friend.

So you can be assured that you will never be bored and that you will have a great time whilst there.

Keep an eye on the site for updates when I hear about them about what fun will be there.

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