I have just found out that today is the Rose Doll Shows birthday.

Rose doll show

Isn’t it great.

So I wanted to say a huge happy birthday to Rose.

It is wonderful that you are among the places that members from this community can meet up in a safe environment.

Many people have had countless hours of joy thanks to the Rose and I feel that on its birthday it would be great to share at least one good memory from the Rose Show over the years, if you can pick just one that is.

Mine so far would be the excitement on my daughters face when I told her the other day that I had booked our hotel for next year.

It was amazing.

I told her via a . message and I heard her “eeeeeekkkkk ” as she calls it all the way from the living room.

Share your favourite Rose Doll Show memories through the years in the comments below.

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