Happy Halloween everyone

I love Halloween, I think its a fun holiday.

This year I have dressed up some if the babies which has been great fun.

Next year I hope to be able to able dress up even more of them

Today we are going to be watching some Halloween films with Kimberly.

I think the babies will all like that.

Summer is looking forward to it as she likes movies.

Three of the babies are in costumes, Aurora, Summer and Jamie so far. Later I will see if I can dress up any others.

We are also thinking of making some cupcakes for it.

This Halloween will not be as good as I would normally like but thats ok.

It makes me more determined to make next year even better.

I am hoping that next year I can plan early with it as that seems to be the trick where I live. I must plan in advance and buy early.

That way I can get things sent to me via post.

So from my nursery to yours I hope you all have a great Halloween .

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