Today I woke up with a challenge in mind, which was to try and repair the Pram that I had found outside in the shed.

It wasn’t in the best condition, but I certainly didn’t want to just get rid of it without trying.

So to see the current progress of the pram, please click the link below which will take you to the article about the pram.

Pram article


Also today I made two videos the pram one and also a changing videos.

Both are already up on my Youtube channel.


I also made another video that will be put up soon, it is another changing video this time changing Beth.

I have been thinking of using the pram as a display piece only, decorating it per season to look good.

For example during October I go for a Halloween theme and change the colour of the sheet to Orange and decorate around the outside of it.

These are of course just random ideas that I am currently having, if I decide to go ahead with any of them still remains to be seen.

Also today in my nursery I started going through some of the clothing.

I really do need to get more boy bits. There is so much girl clothing and just nowhere near enough boys.

So that is something that I will need to change and may after Christmas start looking on Ebay again to find some cute boys clothing.

The main problem I think is that in my nursery I currently only have 4 boys so I guess I haven’t felt the need to go too crazy with boys clothing.

This is something that I will look at having to change.

So keep watching this space for more updates on that

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