Shortly after moving into the house, I found an old stroller in a shed outside.

So I took it, but haven’t really done much since.

So I decided to spend some time trying to get it done.

My first step was to make a mattress for the bottom of it so the baby could lie on something soft.

I made this out of some foam I found in my basement, and some lilac cloth, since I’ve had it in my house in Norway.


Some of you may remember me trying to cover the basement walls there with a cloth.

Once I made this mattress, I was happy with this first step.

Now I’m deciding if I should draw it.

The color it is now is its color, so I’m not sure if I want to touch it in case I ruin it.

So this project may take me a little while to complete because I don’t want to rush it at all.

But I hope when it’s done, the stroller will look really good.

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