One of the most common questions I get asked from members from the reborn community is do I have a favourite reborn sculpt.


This is never a question I can truely answer.

The reasons for this is simple.

Firstly my favourite sculpt can change often, amongst all the sculpts out there I may see a new version of it and realise I like it.

That is what happened with me and the Saskia kit.

I really was not sure about it for ages.

I kept seeing lots of other people getting theirs and I was still not sure.

To me alot of them I am sorry to say still looked creepy to me.

But then I saw one of Stephanines or Nlovewithreborns2011 videos of her Saskia kit that was a little boy.

I fell in love with that guy and he changed the way I saw the Saskia kit.

So then I went and found a Saskia I loved.

The second reason that I couldn’t answer the question is that there is a new reborn sculpt coming out it appears daily at the moment.

So there are always new ones that could easily become my favourite.

There are of course some kits that I really like.

So I would have a list of the kits I liked best, but picking one favourite is just not something I could do.

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