One of the things that really concern me about travelling abroad with my reborns is how they will be treated at the airport.


I have moved country several times so it was always going to be an issue that I would have to resolve.

So what was my experience?

Well I have had to send some babies via hold luggage and also one in my flight bag.

The hold reborns I wrapped alot in clothing and blankets.

The baby in the flight bag had a little more of an adventure than the hold baby.

I had to put the baby through the x-ray machine.


This then got sent to the side the be inspected as the baby was left in the bag.

As you can imagine the staff member who opened the bag and was greeted by my purse, a few items of clothing and a baby.

It was amusing.

The look on the guys face was so funny.

He actually started calling other staff members over to see.

They had to swab the baby and then test that swab.

They did consider having the remove the babies head to check what was inside.

At that point I did point out to them that if they did so and caused any damage that I would then claim for compensation.

Don’t get me wrong I am happy that these staff members were doing their job.

They were respectful to my baby and in the end they did not have to take the baby apart.

But I have heard some horror stories from other people that have had to travel.

With some babies actually arriving at their destination completely ruined.

Have you ever flown with your baby?

What was your experience?

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