I just had to share with you this amazing collection of reborn clothing.

Rebirth Costume

Jorge Aguilar’s Wicked and Lace collection is simply stunning.

Jorge has really done a great job finding so many amazing ways to combine the most delicate and wonderful laces with contrasting colors.

Rebirth Costume

The end result is simply breathtaking.

I’m only showing you three items from this collection here, but if you like them as much as I do, then I can find more photos of them.

He made a must have.

Rebirth Costume

This is a smaller dress with a large frill at the bottom.

This makes the skirt portion of the skirt inflate.

The finished look is simply too cute.

Rebirth Costume

I can’t wait for the day I can wear his clothes for my kid.

All I know is that Jorges’ designs will be a huge success among reborn collectors and artists.

Rebirth Costume

Collectors can’t help but adorn their treasures with his creations.

For artists, Jorgres’ work is perfect for showing just how cute babies can be.

Rebirth Costume

This collection is of course perfect for Halloween, but I think they can still be used year round.

This is another excellent job, well done Jorge.

Is his talent really endless? ?

To see any of Jorges’ current work and get your own, why not head over to Jorges’ . page.

Rebirth Costume

But now enjoy these beautiful pictures of reborn costumes and appreciate the tips for making them.

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