Waiting for a reborn baby to be delivered can seem to take ages.

But for Suzy and me we have been waiting for two dolls since the beginning of February.

First we thought that the dolls had gotten lost during their journey from America to Sweden.

But thank goodness we have finally found them and they are waiting to be collected from our local post office.

That you would have thought should mean that I could get them on the day.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

Due to the post office being 30 mins away by car, three days of constant snow and myself being sick, has meant that we have known for several days that they are there but have been unable to go and collect them.

So it seems we shall have to be patient for longer.

Something which i’m sure you all know is not easy to do.

As soon as we do get the dolls here we will be doing box opening videos, one on Suzy G and one on Reborn mummy.

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