We are currently doing a giveaway on our reborn youtube channels.

The prize will be a reborn baby.

At the moment we havent choosen which baby it will be so can not give too many details, only to say that it will be an actual reborn baby.

This is the first time we have ever given away an actual baby before so we are quite excited.

When we get more details about the baby we will then update you all.

So how do we enter you may ask?

Well that is simple, there are many ways to get entries into the draw and you can get more than one entry into it depending on how many of the things you do.

Firstly you have to be subscribed to either my channel of rebornmummy


Or subscribed to Suzy G reborn nursery

You have to then like the video and comment to say that you have subscribed and liked so that we can check, as we have to make sure everyone is following same rules to keep it fair.

For each of the channels you are subscribed to will get you one entry each. Ao if you subscribe to both then you will have two entries.

How to get more entries?

Well you can subscribe to chloe elizabeth


Or antgrif55


Also you can get another entry for using the forum on this website and posting on there.

Also you can gain multiple entires by going to our gofundme page.

On here it is up to you how many entries you get. for every £1,€1,$1 you donate will equal one entry.

If you do donate please contact us to let us know so that we can see how many entires to put in for you.

Also you can gain an entry for doing a video yourself telling people about the giveaway. Of course remember to tell us uou have done this so we can watch.

So i will update with more information as we have it so please check babk often .

It will run throughout March.

To check out the first video about it watch this.


Good luck.

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