The Holly by Linda Murray reborn sculpt is available to buy.

This kit is great as it is a gender neutral kit.

Reborn sculpt

This kit has 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs which for me would make me be careful which outfits I put on the baby.

When you buy this kit it comes unpainted and ready to reborn.

Please note you are buying a blank vinyl kit not a completed baby.

Photos are only to give you an idea how your finished baby could look.

Reborn sculpt

Holly measures around 22″ inches long when completed, with a head circumference of approximately 14″ inches.

Reborn sculpt

As Holly is an awake baby you will need a set of 20mm half round eyes.

You will also need a soft cloth body which can be purchased separately.

The current price of this kit is $39.95.

Reborn sculpt

If you want to bring your own Holly to life, use the link provided below.

Click here to buy your own Holly kit

Reborn sculpt

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