It is a sign of his love for the work that he does or insanity, that top class designer Jorge Alguilar just can not seem to stop creating.


His designs are wide ranging with the most intricote work which will last a life time.

It doesn’t matter what style of clothing you like for your babies Jorge is bound to have something that you will fall in love with.

His styles range from bold, motive outfits to more dainty and delicate looking ones.


Some modern designs and some more vintage.

I do not know how he manages to keep up with all the work he does.

His next target is to have 60 dresses finished in about 4 days. ?

How is that possible.

All I can think is that he doesn’t sleep.

The best thing about it for him is that as soon as he finishes an outfit it sells straight away.

In some cases he even sells the outfit before ir is completely finished.


So if you haven’t had chance to head over to his page and see his live or outfits then you do not know what you are missing.

Head over now to be impressed and make sure to follow him so that you are among the first to see his new items

One day I will own a Jorge Design.

Then I will be happy. ?


The always working, always happy Jorge.

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