IDTS 2022 will combine so much.

Babies, learning, friends and fun.

IDTS 2019

Orlando is know for fun, so it is no wonder there is a doll show here.

What better place to learn new techniques then in a room with friends and top class artists.

This is of course one of the highlights of the event.

Then you have the awards banquet.

This is something that I would really love to see.

With a Disney theme it can not help but be stunning.

The floor shows are a perfect place to browse all the babies, adopt your new one and meet more friends from around the world.

But the fun doesn’t stop when the doors close.

Oh no, you have countless options open to you .

You can of course go to one of the theme parks with your dollies and friends.

Making memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Or you can meet up in the hotel lobbies, go to malls or just try and find a quiet spot to relax for a while.

So although the doll show would be the main reason to go.

Don’t forget the fun doesn’t stop when the babies have been put away.

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