The ID&TS 2022 is sure to be a wonderful event.


The babies, the location, the atmosphere.

So it got me thinking, what would this show be like to a first timer?

Would they feel welcomed and part of the ID&TS family?

Will they be able to experience the magic that the show has to offer.

The show is certainly geared up to provide fun, laughter and friendship, so how can it not be an amazing place to go for a first show.


At the same time the ID&TS 2022 would be a great way to have a last show.

If you had reached a point where you are no longer going to be doing shows isnt this a fun one to have as your last.

I think this show is certainly an unmissable event of the reborn year.

It really has every thing you would need to let your inner kid out.

So whether this is your first reborn show, your last reborn show or your 100th the enjoyment will be the same.

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