Super talented artist Albie Wentzel is well known within the community and it is with a sad heart that we announce that this years Rose Doll Show will be the last she attends.

Rose doll show

Albie has been into reborns since 2007, when she saw her first baby and fell madly in love with it.

Little did she know then what an impact the reborn would have on her life.

Albie doesn’t have a favourite artist, who can blame her? With so many amazing artists out there its impossible to pick just one.

Rose doll show

Do you have a favourite artist?

“No. The sculpts from the different artists are all amazing and it’s a joy to work on the different babies.”

Her own reborn collection is one that holds memories for her.

How many reborns are in your collection?

“Whoa. Not many newborns but lots of mini babies. My newborns: A Chloe Blick made by the first friend I made in the USA – Julie Beck. Evelyn from Cassie Brace that I still have to reborn for myself and I have my eye on the third one.“

What is it about The Rose Show that makes Albie want to go this year?

“I attended Rose since they start out in 2013 as Down East Doll show in Greenville SC. I think I “grew” with them and become family. I love the vibe, the fun and the awesome friends you make at Rose. This year will be bittersweet for me as well. It will be my last year attending as I will leave the reborn world end of the year.”

What are you looking forward to most this year?

“To see all the wonderful friends I have made over the years and meet new ones to make memories for the years to come.”

Albie is certainly dedicated, travelling miles to attend each show.

How far do you travel to attend the Rose doll show?

“I travel quite far. From a little town called Stilbaai on the southern tip of South Africa , literally by car, by bus and by plane to get there. In total about 28 hours traveling time.”

How many babies are you hoping to take with you?

“My goal is 10. Hope I can make it.”

Rose doll show

Although Albie will soon be hanging up her brushes, I really wanted to find out what sort of price you pay for one of her angels.

“My babies are $550 with painted hair and $650+ with rooted hair depending on the kit I use.”

If you are lucky enough to be attending the Rose doll show and have booked to be part of her painting class you have a lot to look forward to.

” With the classes we plan a lot of fun (My friend Sharron Hoffman) will help me. There will be lucky draws with small gifts. The class will include everything you need to complete one small head. From a tutorial to a heat lamp for to warm the head.”

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