Am I the only one who has noticed a change in the tone within the reborn community lately?

reborn community

A place that used to support each other, welcome all and show love and respect for everyone, has now changed to one of scamming, lies, dishonesty, stealing and backstabbing.

People seem more to be out for what they can get and regulary show disrespect to artists.

If people want a baby that looks real then they have to be prepared to pay what the artist says it’s worth.

reborn community

Hours and hours of hard painstaking work goes into making the babies.

It is a skill which is a very delicate and individual art.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there are only a small section of the reborn community that can really afford the high end babies.

This does not however mean that babies that are brought at the lower end should not be appreciated as much.

Also just because an artist may charge alot does not mean that their skills are necessarily any better then cheaper artist.

That I can claim from personal experience.

So for me I have to keep hope that this community will go back to the place I know it can be.

We will stop trying to tear each other down internally and instead we will all stand as one to support and love each other against all the hate that we get from those outside the hobby that just do not understand.

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