When I first discovered Rebirth, I always thought the hobby would be an all-inclusive hobby.


But during my collection, I noticed a big divide between people in the hobby.

Those who can afford surreal babies cost $1,000, and those who can only manage to get low-end babies that cost around $100.

When I started working a few years ago, it’s safe to say that I never really realized how much it would cost to invest in this hobby.

In retrospect, the prices may seem crazy, but there’s always something extra you want to buy, or a new baby you’re in love with.

It’s easy to do.


Knowing everything I know now, will my perspective on getting into this hobby change?

Honestly, I’m really not sure.

I have moments that I love.

I’ve made some amazing friends that I wish I could have for life, whether or not I’m still part of the community.

As with any collection, you need to invest time, money and effort.

One thing I will say is that it can easily get out of hand, so only consume within your means.

I believe this hobby has room on both ends of the financial scale.

Owning this hobby doesn’t cost the earth by buying second hand babies.

Having one or two special babies is just as beneficial as having many babies.

So all in all I have to say that while it’s nice to have super expensive babies and all the latest baby furniture and accessories, it’s not that important to have them.

You can love and cherish a baby that cost you £100 as easily as you love a baby that cost you £2,000.

Price isn’t the deciding factor here, it’s the connection you make with your baby that matters.

It’s a very personal thing.

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