As with most reborn parents out there we have to at some point explain our hobby to our other half.


This can be a very nervous time.
Will they understand? Will they think that you’re weird?
Are they going to treat you different?

Well from my personal view, my partners acceptance, if you want to call it that happened very gradually.

In fact over many years.

The first reaction was that I was a freak and it was weird that I wanted to play with dolls as he saw it.

I didn’t waste my time trying to explain it too much to him and carried on with my hobby regardless.

I enjoyed having the babies and they helped me, I didn’t just expect that he would understand.

Over the following few years he became more used to seeing them around the house and in the bedroom.

Often he would say it’s freaky having them there, but he did not say that I needed to put them away.

He has never to date brought me anything reborn related but you never know what the future may bring.

To be honest I do not expect that he ever would, but he is more used to the fact that I have the babies and he has come to know how much they mean to me.

He may not get this hobby but at the very least he respects that it is a hobby for me.

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