As some of you may be aware I am currently selling some of my doll collection.

I have decided to greatly lower the price of one of my babies.

So for a short period of time I will be offering my full bodied silicone baby girl at a massively reduced price.

I am currently offering this baby for only £400 plus postage.

I have had this baby for about 18 months.

She has not been used very much and most of the time she has been on display only.

This baby is a very very limted edition.

Only 10 have ever been made.

So if you like the look of this little one you will have a very unique baby in your collection.

As the pictures show she is a boo boo baby, but this does not affect her beauty.

She will only be on offer at this price for about a week, so if you like her she sill be on a first come basis.

Payment will be accepted by Paypal.

She can be shipped worldwide.

If any one has any further questions about her feel free to ask.

She will come home with her certificate, this shows that only ten were ever made making your baby rare.

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