I have decided to start having a clear out of all my reborn items. So starting with my reborn clothing I am going to be putting up items for sale on my auction part of this site.

I will also be putting the items on Instagram and ..

I made the choice to do this while I am redoing my reborn nursery.

So the best time to have a sort out is now.

The majority of the items will be girl clothing around 0-3 months to start with, because in fairness that is what I have the most of.

I will need to work out postage depending where you are in the world.

This is something that I think will be fun and I am hoping that you all enjoy looking at what is availible as well.

In time I will begin to add more stuff to the items for sale as well

The items will be on a first come first serve basis. So if you see an item you like then make sure you are first go bid and let me know.

Reborn clothing

So make sure you keep looking for regular updates on clothing that is for sale.

Payments will be done by Paypal only.

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