Not being able to attend the Rose Doll show is horrible.

But I have had to console myself by looking at all the wonderful photos that are being shared.

I thought it would only be fair then to share them with you all myself.

Above the pictures is the name of the artist whos booth it is.

I can’t believe the quality of the work I am seeing at the moment and i’m not sure who will have anything to sell tomorrow lol.

Albie Wentzel

rose doll show

This will be Albies last show and she will be very much missed.

I regret that I never managed to meet her in person as Albie is a true talent.

I aim to one day have one of her babies in my collection.

That would be truly amazing.

Cheryl Martin

rose doll show

rose doll show

Cheryls babies are simply stunning.

I haven’t seen one that I would change at all.

They are all beautifully presented and the paintwork is so good.

Cheryl is definitely an artist that I hope to work with in the furture.

Patricia London

rose doll show

Patricia is great as no only does she make reborns but she also produces accessories for them.

Sort of like a one stop reborn shop.

rose doll show

rose doll show

Susan Dizon – Dizons Designs.

rose doll show

rose doll show

rose doll show

Anyone that has seen any of Susans work knows just how good they are.

Each bag is made perfectly.

The babies she has reborn look amazing and so life like.

Susans babies are ones that I would love to welcome into my own nursery one day.

Fingers crossed.

Olivia Miller

Olivia sells such a wide range of products that you can not help but find something from her booth that you will like.

The colours make the booth stand out and personally I would have to have some of those diapers ?

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