I have now had my silicone baby for about a year now.

She is the only silicone baby that I have and I love that she is part of my collection.

So I decided to share some photos of her with you.

I will probably add to these pictures in time.

But for now you can see these photos of my baby.

She is a limited edition kit, I think only about 10 of her have been made.

This makes her very rare to special to me.

Her rooting is not great.

But for me as a first silicone it is fine.

She is a boo boo baby, but I knew that even before I got her.

I think she is beautiful.

The whole silicone experience was strange at first.

She didnt feel like any other baby I had ever owned.

She needed to have talc applied to her so that she did not get sticky.

All of this was new to me.

But it was fun and a great part of the hobby.

silicone baby

Dressing her was also interesting as she is floppy, unlike all the other reborns that I have who are vinyl kits.

So my overall experience is that I love her, that she is unique and that owning a silicone is great.

In the future I do hope to own some more.


So we will see what happens with that.

To see the another article about this gorgeous little girl use the link below.

Our First Silicone reborn baby

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