Everyone loves a good shopping trip.

It has been a little while since I have been able to do a blog.

Partly as I have been so busy and partly as I haven’t really been in the mood to.

I got to thinking that there was no point just putting blogs out there for the sake of it. They probably wouldn’t be very good and it would leave you all unhappy with what you are reading.

So instead I decided to wait until a time when I was more in the mood to share with you all what I have been doing.

So as many of you will now know I am re doing my nursery for what feels like the hundredth time.

When I started I made the decision to share with you all each step of the way what I was doing.

I am still unsure if this bores you or not, but still I make the videos to show you.

Todays video was starting to go through a bag of mixed items.


This was actually a lot of fun for me. Although I am still at a loss of where to put the items now.

Today will be fun as I will be going to the shops with my friend and Neighbour.

I am going to the Swedish version of Dollar Store and I am really looking forward to it.

I loved the clothing I saw there.

As always too many items that I loved.

I was really good and didn’t buy anything today, although I really had a hard time.

It was just too hard to decide which to buy

So I took loads of picture and made a video.

It was lots of fun and much needed I think.

I also saw loads of Christmas items which was really great and put me in the mood to put up the Christmas Decorations.

I also thought about what I am going to do in the nursery for Christmas.

shopping trip

The fun stuff that I loved when I first started this hobby is what makes it such a fun hobby and I think sometimes I forget that.

I love shopping for baby items. I really do.

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How can anyone really pick out of all of this.

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