This week we have been lucky enough to welcome a gorgeous new reborn baby girl into our nursery.


This stunning new baby is the Penny sculpt, reborn by the super talented artist Richell Harp of Gemini Reborn Nursery.

I consider myself lucky as I have the privilege of cuddling three of her babies now.

When I first agreed to adopt this little angel, I was unaware of the size of her.


The Penny sculpt is 22 inches which makes her a nice size.

She does have painted hair, which completes my set as I now have one rooted hair baby, one bald baby and now one painted haired baby.


With this particular baby I have been eager to try her in different clothes and in various colours to see what suits her best.

So far I’m liking in her so many colours that finding clothes for her will be so much fun.

One thing I have noticed about this baby is that I do need to invest in another baby bouncer to display her nicely during the times that I can stand to put her down.

We have revealed the name we have given this little one and we are pleased to reveal that her name is Richell named after her reborn artist.

A beautiful surprising feature that Richell has is small moles(or beauty spots as we like to call them).

This was a special surprise feature as my youngest daughter also has them.

Little Richell was tired after her journey so she rested for most of the day after we opened her box.

You can all expect to see many more pictures and videos with her in for now.

So if it becomes too much then I’m sorry in advance.

I want to really try a bond with each of my babies again.

All in all I love this cute baby and am extremely happy that I was given the chance to adopt her.

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