Reborn artist Rashaell Dyson can’t wait to attend this years Rose Doll Show and has her booth set.

Rose doll show

Rashaell has been a reborn artist since 2009, perfecting her craft and becoming a desirable part of any collection.

For Rashaell reborns were love at first sight.

” I ran across reborn dolls on Ebay, while I was listing some handmade baby dresses I had made. It was love at first sight. I ran to Hobby Lobby and purchased the Secrist Beginners Kit. And that is where it all started!”

It is good to know though that just like the rest of us she has a hard time to pick a favourite artist.

Rose Doll show

“It really is hard to pick a favorite Artists. There are so many wonderful, talented Sculptors, Reborn and silicone artists in this industry. There are a few that stick out to me for various reasons, mostly for their over all attitude and kind heartedness . The love they pour into their babies shines through the beauty of their work. Such as Kat Magistri, Donnetta Kay, Albie Wentzel, Angela Flanders, Doris Timm, Laura Lee Eagles, Bean, and so many many more. There are just too many to list.”

One thing I am noticing is that in fact quite a few artists do not really own that many reborns in their private collection.

Rashaell is the same.

“Do the kits I have count? LOL Ive always been a maker and not a collector. But I did purchase a Miracle Kit by Laura Lee Eagles not to long ago. As soon as I finish her, she will be the first of my collection .”

The Rose Doll Show truly is a highlight of her year with so much going on that you can’t help but feel part of this wonderful community.

” Each year brings so much excitement, I can’t hardly wait for the next show. The Rose Show is a place where I feel like I am in my own element. Surrounded by others with the same interest and the love of doll art. The staff is wonderful, and the atmosphere is fun, alive, and amazing. It’s like your on cloud 9, having fun with all your friends.”

There is one part of the show however that Rashall is really eager to see.

“I am looking forward to seeing all the Contest Babies. I love to see all the great ideas that other’s come up with. Reaching into their imagination and bringing it to the show.”

Although she may have to drive between 11 and 12 hours to attend the event Rashall considers herself lucky.

” I live in Arizona, so it takes me about 11 to 12 hours to drive to Layton. I consider my self lucky, because so many drive or travel for days.”

I personally can’t wait to get a sneak peek of any of the babies that will be going the the show with her.

“Im hoping to have at least 10 to 15 babies. It all depends on how many I can get done and how many I can Fit in my car.”

To check out her fantastic babies and stop by to say hello, you can find Rashaell at booth 392 Primrose in.

If you can’t wait until the Rose Doll show to see Rashaells stunning babies you could always head over to her nursery.

But I warn you, be prepared to have your heart stolen.

Forever Mine Babies

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