I’ve been collecting Rebirth for a few years now and have decided that now I really want to try painting.

So I decided I needed to choose the kit I was going to paint.

Now I know drawing my first respawn won’t be an easy task.

After some thought, I decided that for the first kit, it would be best to make a sleeping baby with eyes closed.

painting reborn

The reason I made this decision is simple because the baby has closed eyes and I don’t have to worry about putting my eyes on the baby.

But with so many different doll kits to choose from, choosing just one can be difficult.

At this stage it doesn’t really matter which gender I want my baby to have, it’s more about seeing if any of the kits stand out to me.

So I went to Tinkerbell Creations …tinkerbellcreations.co.uk

I know I can buy some of their kits for cheaper on this site, and for me as a starter kit, I think it will work great.

So, to learn some drawing skills, I might turn to Youtube and watch some videos to see and try to understand what they have to say.

I’m actually very excited about this and looking forward to getting started.

So I’m hoping in a week or so, I’ll be bringing my first kit to try.

I will of course blog for all of you with pictures of how it is going.

To learn more about purchasing your first doll kit, click the link below.


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