The night was thankfully quiet last night in the nursery, which meant that I had some time to just stop, sit and relax for a while.

Jamie woke with a little tummy ache this morning, and ended up needing two changes very quickly.

I gave him a bottle of just water and I am hoping that it will help him.

He hasn’t really cried too much with it, just groaned.

So as well as some tummy rubs to try and help him I will be just letting him rest and giving him plenty of cuddles.

Reborn blog, jamie in nursery

Summer has wanted to help look after him and keeps looking over to him.

So I am thinking that today will be a fairly calm day in the nursery.

I will spend time playing quiet games or reading books to the babies.

I may even do some drawing with, Summer, Aurora and Harper.

The weather outside today is not so bad.
It isn’t raining but is cloudy, so I might spend some time outside letting Jamie get some fresh air.

If you want to see what has happened on other days in the nursery, click the link below.


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