So for today’s blog, I’ve decided to share with you the fact that I’ve been out of the UK for a week to visit family.

But here I will take the opportunity to make some videos in the store, write some articles about the store and take pictures.

Also, I’m ready for two shipments and have at least one box to put a brand new baby in my nursery.

Maybe even two!

To keep my nursery from getting too out of hand right now, I brought my three reborn kids to stay safely with my mom.

That way I know they’re in a safe place until I can put them together again.

I brought Tiana, Eliza and Joshua.

Rebirth painting

So if you’ve ever wondered where they are, now you do.

They are kept safely away for now until I can find a nursery where I can display them however I want.

I will also pack more at some point.

That way I don’t lose my kids, just trying to save my collection from a move where I might lose some in the future.

Once I’m safe and stable in the house, I start the process of re-collecting all the babies until I have them all in one place.

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