With each reborn baby created being a work of art Elie’s Enchanted Cradle has got it down to a fine art.

Every reborn baby is very special to each and every one of their mummys or daddys.

Which makes finding a good artist to bring your baby to life vital.

Although relatively new to reborn Elie’s Enchanted Cradle has grown to mass quite a following.

Elie Habibi has been reborning now for around three years.

Elies enchanted cradle baby

Although she is new it does not show in the quality of her work.

The babies she paints look very realistic and would easily be mistaken for real babies when taken out.

She can both paint the babies hair and root them as she is skilled in micro rooting. Something with she finds can be relaxing.

“I started reborning about 3 years ago in July and 2 years this month since I also learnt micro rooting.

I absolutely love being an artist. I find that a lot of the times it can be extremely therapeutic to root and paint babies.

Life can be hectic in my house sometimes! Lol

Rooting helps me to stay calm and relaxed which I absolutely love.

Although it takes time, especially rooting which can sometimes get boring, I still quite enjoy it and the end result is always worth it.

I started out as just a hobby reborner and now I also consider it a business and my part time job.

The income isn’t an awful lot and I make most of the times less than minimum wage when you divide my income with the time that goes into them but I dont mind. Better to do a job you love than to earn more in a job you hate !”

Elie is very friendly and is willing to try and work with you to come to an agreememt with regards to payment.

She treats each baby with love which shines through in her work.

She will ship internationally at very reasonable rates.

If you do contact Elie you will find that she will get in touch quickly.

You can contact Elie through . to place orders or ask questions.


On her . page you can see many more photos of the gorgeous babies that she produces.

Prices for her basic babies are £550+ and rooted babies start at £685 which for her time, effort and skill is very worth it.

I have included a sample of her work here and I hope that you can see just by the photos that I have chosen just how good the end result is.

One thing is for sure is that I will be adding one of her babies to my collection.

She has 100s of satisfied customers and will do anything she can to put you at ease with the buying process, which is a great thing if you are a first time buyer and trying to find an artist that you can trust.

But it won’t matter if one of her reborn babies are your first or 100th baby, the magic and bond will still feel the same.

Having one of Elie’s babies would not be a disappointment.

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