This year’s Rose Doll Show is now in full swing. Susan Dizon, a supplier to one of the founders of Susan Dizon Designs, is delighted to be here.

Susan puts her heart and soul into creating the most amazing handmade items for reborn babies.

The quality of the final product bears this out.

With such an amazing booth and spectacular products on offer, I have no doubt that Susan’s experience at the Rose Doll Show will never be out of the ordinary.

If you are lucky enough to visit her stall, it will be one you will remember long after you leave.

Not just because of the range of products, but because Susan herself is one of those kind, lovely people.

Her line of products includes a handcrafted bag that transforms into the most stunning baby bassinet.

Game of Thrones theme pack by Susan Dizon

These special packs are original Game of Thrones themed packs by Susan Dizon Designs.

Susan also uses some of the cutest materials you’ll see to create unique costumes for the Reborn, unlike anything you’ll find in a high street store.

The end result was fantastic and you will go back for more.

Susan Dizon Design

Susan also created some owl-shaped rattles, which she invented from scraps of material left in the bag.

So far, I personally haven’t had the luck to buy one of Susans’ designs, but this is something I plan to change in the near future.

In addition to her line of Rebirth accessories, she is also a Rebirth artist.

This might make you wonder if there’s anything this talented lady can’t do.

Susan would like to personally express her heartfelt thanks to all of Dolly’s friends who have supported her.

So, if you haven’t had a chance to run up to her and say hi at the Rose Doll Show, be sure to do so before she sells out.

You won’t see a product like this anywhere else.

To see more of Susans’ amazing products, you can contact her using the link below.


All photos have been used with permission from Susans.

To learn more about the Rose Doll Show, click the link below.


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