So soon many people from the doll community will be meeting up at the Rose Doll Show.

This is an event that I had hoped to attend, but due to financial issues was not able to.

But it should be so much fun for all of you that is able to attend.

I’m thinking if I start saving now that next years one I may be able to attend.

If I can’t attend next year maybe I may try hosting one myself.

Click the link below to find out my plans for hosting my own.


The show is full of amazing artists selling their work, as well as other people selling accessories for the babies.

Of course not all the dolls are reborns, after all it is the doll show not reborn show.

I would love to find out who is going and then maybe get some feedback from both buyers and sellers as to their experiences there.

I plan to do more articles about some of the vendors that are there and if I am lucky enough I will also try and communicate with the organizers of the event, to see what goes on behind the scenes with hosting such a big event.

Bethany would love to make friends at the Rose Doll Show

So please enjoy and I look forward to seeing everyones photos.

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