I wanted to get Sarah Jane looking nice today, so I spent some time trying to fix her hair.

I had been advised that the way to do it was with some water and a pencil.

I actually managed to get a look that I was really happy using this method.

To see this method in more detail please click the link below to go to the article.


While I was finishing Sarah Janes’ hair Kia woke up and after a feed and a change wanted to spend some tummy time.

So I did what I normally do and placed her on the rug on her belly.

When I turned around she had lifted her self onto her hands and knees and was actuallylly trying to crawl.

It was so cool so I quickly grabbed my camera to record the moment.


It was so great to see her trying to progress like this.

The full article about this can be found at the link below.


I felt it was a special enough event that it deserved its own article.

The other babies in the nursery had a fun night.

The babies who got the new bed spaces yesterday seemed to really enjoy them over night. Lucas woke up in a good mood and started to play straight away.

Whereas Zoe seemed to like her space too much, and was testing just how much of it she could take up.

The next job that needed to be done was to talc Tianna as she is a full bodied silicone baby.

I have to talc her so that she doesn’t get too sticky.

She felt much better after she had been talced everywhere. Much less sticky.

I will be doing another blog later tonight when I settle the babies down.

I hope you liked seeing what we do in our nursery and will come back to see the next one later.

To see when little Miss Tianna first arrived in our nursery click the link below.


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