After changing the nursery around a little we now have space to fit both of our reborn toddlers into the cot.

This means that I can now start doing some nice photoshoots with them and making some more videos.

The girls them selves seem to be loving sharing the cot and I often hear them almost talking to each other whilst laying down.

Having them together also makes story time much easier.

Tonights story was 6 merry mermaids.

This is one of Auroras favourite books and she often giggles at the end.

Both girls were good tonight with their milk and didnt create any fuss about who had what bottle.

After a quick diaper/nappy change, both girls settled down very quickly and for tonight wanted to share the same doll.

Moments like this are nice as they are often arguing over who will have what.

I am hoping that tonight they might only wake once as they do seem to be tired.

Aurora wanted to wear her Frozen pjs tonight, Summer chose to wear a night dress.

We sung some songs together before they laid down and as they don’t like the dark I left the hall light on for them.

At some point soon I want to get them a night light which will help them to settle down easier.

Summer wanted to try the night without her paci/ dummy which is a big step for her.

Aurora decided to also then try without it.

If i’m honest I don’t expect that to last too long.

Aurora loves to have her paci at night.

Both girls were good and used the potty before going into bed. But I still put a training nappy on them overnight as they still have accidents some times.

One thing about reborn toddlers is that they are so much fun to have. They bring some new adventures to the nursery and they love all their younger brothers and sisters.

To see more of what these two get up to, click the link below.


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