Reborn babies are often looked upon as weird and strange by those that do not understand them.

reborn babies

But for many of us they are a form of therapy, they are cheaper than a therapist at least.

We pay the one price for our babies and they stay with us 24/7 if we want them to.

Can you imagine the cost of a therapist being with you 24/7?

The babies are good to allow you to cuddle with, cry with if you need and speak to about your problems.

They can help you when you are feeling down to lift you up.

So as a way of at home therapy I think the reborns are really great.

As well as the general help that reborns can give you mentally, they can also help physically.

It is a well known fact that if you are happy then you are better off health wise.

Reduced stress will make you healthier for longer.

Your blood pressure can lower thanks to spending time with your reborns.

Of course they can also help with depression.

So in conclusion I think it is clear that reborns have more benefits than most people realise.

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