This baby is the Anna sculpt by Linda Murray.

I love the babies that Linda produces and think that they make the sweetest reborns.

I have not yet seen a kit that she has produced that I did love.

She uses such detail in her work and really brings the baby to life.

an example of a finished kit with this sculpt

This kit can be purchased from Macphersons for the price of $115.90.


A completed baby will be 19″ long.

With full limbs, this baby can look very realistic and even have people having to second guess.

such a cute baby

The kit is an open eyed baby so does require eyes. The baby takes 22mm eyes.

The soft doe body can make the baby ideal for cuddling and you could find yourself losing track of time with the feel of this baby in your arms.

For taking pictures, a torso can be added to this kit to allow the baby to wear dresses or even no top at all on the hot days.

The kit was produced in Germany from Peach coloured soft vinyl.

To see more creations by Linda Murray click on the links below.




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