After her morning feed Kia (full body vinyl Victoria kit) wanted to have some playtime on the floor.

So as always I placed her on the rug and she began to play with her feet.

She has always loved grabbing her feet and trying to place them in her mouth.

I think that it is common for all babies to try to do that as all my reborns love to grab their feet and try to place their big toes in their mouths.

Personally I don’t see the attraction to it, but I guess that may just be me.

She hadnt been down playing for too long when all the goo gooing stopped.

I turned round and saw that she had rolled herself over and was knelt up onto all fours.

I was so surprised that I grabbed my phone and started to record, not wanting to miss the moment.


Don’t you just love it when moments like this come along?

It is such a special time with so many big first moments.

I’m glad that I managed to get her first attempts of crawling on video.

This is something to look back on in the future.

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