I have been lucky enough these last few months to be dealing with a truly amazing reborn artist.

The quality of these ladies work is amazing.

She has a highly successful Youtube channel and has grown her business from scratch.

I think she is a huge inspiration.

In fact it is thanks to this ladys’ version of the Saskia kit who became a stunning Alexander that I fell in love with the kit.

I will soon be the very proud owner of one of her babies and I truly can not wait.

To add to the excitment I have been watching many of her videos so that I can continue to see to quality of her work.

It many ceases to amazing just how realistic she makes her babies.

Her paintwork is a work of art.

I am so lucky to have been able to get a custom baby from this lady and will be doing many videos and articles about this baby.

So you may all be wondering who the artist is, or by some of the clues you may have already guessed.

If you think you know please comment below.

Once the baby is completed I will be doing an update and telling you all who this artist is.

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