Ok, so it has been a few days since my last blog.

I have just been so busy with changing around the nursery and cleaning my house.

Also it is summer holidays and all my children are home. As you know I have five children so it makes things quite busy.

But I am hoping to bring you all up to date.

Well some exciting news is that I am reborn expecting which is great.

So I am mega excited about that.

I won’t give too many details right now but lets just say my nursery will be growing.

Today I have spent ages with the highchair we have.

Now I know that it is a strange thing to do, but we have noticed that our highchair can be used three ways.

First as a normal highchair, then as a table and chair lastly as a toy car.

I have also been spending alot of time looking at new baby clothing, I think its possible that I may be addicted to baby clothes lol.

So there has been a few things going on really. All things that I am enjoying.

So there has also been a few clothing changes whilst I have been quiet.

But I am sure I will change again lol.

It’s an unending hobby.

But one I love.

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