Recently I decided I wanted to do a shift at my nursery.

How a Nursery Started

So after thinking about it for a while and trying to see how I could picture it in my head, I finally decided on how I wanted it to look.

At least for now.

I easily change around the nursery and try new things.

start of the day

In my opinion, the nursery didn’t look right at first…I wanted to add a bed for the toddler somehow, so that meant a major change in where most of the furniture was.

I have to say I really like the result.

The process of moving it is time-consuming and untidy.

first ideas for a crib

Lots of items are checked so I can figure out what I want.

But after about two hours, I had all the furniture where I wanted it to be.

Now that the toddler has a bed to sleep in and the crib can be used from every angle, I just think it looks more comfortable.

at the end of the day

I did try the crib in a few positions before settling on this one.

But now I’m happy, I love the way it looks.

The only problem I have now is that I want to spend more time there than I do now.

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