I have come to find that writing this reborn blog each day is actually alot of fun.

I love sharing with you all what I get up to each day and showing you pictures of my babies.

First to wake up today was Jamie.

Reborn blog, sleeping jamie

He is one of the triplets that we have, they are the sleeping Andi kit.

Jamie was in a really good mood this morning and gave me a big smile when I went to pick him up.

As Jamie is my daughters baby i took him down to her so that she could change him and feed him.

But as usual the day with them started with her taking various photos with him.

Reborn blog, jamies day

Jamie sleeps in the nursery with the rest of the babies as he loves to spend time with everyone else.

But I do try and get my daughter to deal with him as much as possible.

This mornings first task for her was to change him.

Jamie loooks really sweet and is in fact the only baby we have that has ginger hair.

Jamie has finally been changed and looks really quite sweet in his little top and joggers.

Harper woke up a little fussy this morning, so to help put her in a good mood, we decided that we would let her choose her own outfit for today.

She loves to do that, but often decides on clothing that doesn’t really go together.

Reborn blog, harper

As many of you may know, Harper has a poor leg.

Every since we adopted her, her left leg has been broken, this will never be fixed and as such we have to treat her with more care.

But she is still our little princess.

The outfit she eventually decided on today was surprisingly nice.

With pink leggings and a long sleeved floating top she looked really sweet.

All that is left to do now is her hair.

I was really pleased with the end result and think that she looks good with her hair and clothing.

Harper loves her siblings, so as soon as she had the chance to, she made her way over to see Eliza and Zoe, who were sleeping peacefully in the pram.

One of the good things that I have found with doing a reborn blog is that it works as a kind of diary for me as well.

So I can mark and remember all special occasions.

To see more of what we get up to in our nursery click the link below.


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