This look is an Annie kit by Adrie Stoete.

The featured image used for this baby was reborn by the artist at Little Sunshine Kindergarten.

I think this kit makes a cute baby look calm while sleeping.

Adrie Stoete's Gorgeous Reborn Baby Anne

When complete, the kit will make a 19″ baby.

The kit is so nice that you can choose which limbs you want to add.

This is a case of personal preference, so when you order the kit, you can also choose which limb you want to use.

Personally, if I could choose the limbs, I’d go for the full one because I feel like it gives me more options for baby clothing.

Sometimes it’s annoying to want to dress your baby but find you can’t because it shows off their soft body.

So I either have to put a vest under the dress to cover it, which might spoil the look, or I just can’t wear that dress on that particular baby.

As a sleeping baby, the kit does not require any eyes.

The Annie kit will have a soft suede body that you can also add when purchasing the kit.

Made in Germany, the kit comes in peach vinyl.

You can purchase this kit from Macphersons for $109.99 by clicking the link below to be redirected to the store.


Like what you saw and would like to see more sculptures by Adrie Stoete? Then click the link below.


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